THe LAST SUPPER.Hix ART . London EC2A 3LX - April 12 - May 12 2019

HIX ART is pleased to present The Last Supper, an exhibition of new works by multi-disciplinary artist Silvy Weatherall, curated by contemporary jeweller, craftsman and art collector Stephen Webster.
Weatherall is preoccupied with objects that have seemingly ceased to function, rendered obsolete for whatever their original intended purpose by their age or physical state; Weatherall sees the potential where others do not. Interested in the history of an object, she questions functionality and attachment.
This collection of ceramics is a sculptural interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper, depicting Jesus and his 12 disciples. The thirteen life-size busts are constructed from broken china that the artist has collected herself or been given over the years. Though there are no defining features or characteristics on the figures, some of the busts have shapely allusions to familiar features; eyes, noses and ears, where the ceramics provide a nod to recognisable form.

Weatherall has also made studies of the busts on paper using ink, gold leaf or charcoal. here she investigates the cracks/joins. Always an oberserver of the spaces in between , here Silvy draws the structure as if it were a skeleton in an almost 3D way. It is a visual way of enterpreting the cracks, wrinkles, scars, experiences that form us.